Menopause Wellness Week with Emepelle

About Menopause Wellness Week

With International Women’s Day on Monday 5th of March, what better day to start Menopause Wellness Week!

Menopause Wellness Week, hosted by Emepelle, is a 7-day event of daily Instagram live events with a panel of experts talking all things menopause to inform, inspire and empower women.

We’re working with a fantastic group of experts who will be covering a wide range of topics and issues – from sleep and nutrition to confidence and style. So join us for an informal chat where you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have, as well as get some great practical tips and insights.

You can set reminders for the events by heading to the Menopause Wellness Week highlights section on Instagram – EmepelleUK – and tapping on each event countdown. Don’t forget to tell your friends to follow EmepelleUK too – as well as the live events they’ll be lots of other resources and giveaways, so make sure they don’t miss out!

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Katy Hill

Katy Hill

Powering Into Menopause

Monday 8th March - 11AM

What To Expect

Personal Development Coach Katy Hill is passionate about this season of life - so much so that she pivoted into a whole new career of Personal Development from the world of TV and Radio.

In this session she’ll be sharing her journey of 20 years fronting TV and Radio shows - to now - 2021 when she turns 50 and is stepping into a whole new exciting chapter!

About Katy

Katy Hill spent her early career as a TV Presenter jumping out of planes and encouraging girls to "play big” and be fearless on the iconic Blue Peter!

These days, many of those same girls are her clients with her 1:1 Coaching and Online Courses through her company Limitless By Katy Hill. In 2021 Katy turns 50 and is still passionate about encouraging, empowering and equipping women to live their biggest, boldest LIMITLESS lives!

Dr Emma Wedgeworth

Dr Emma Wedgeworth

How Does Menopause Affect My Skin

Monday 8th March - 6PM

Emma Says

Menopause is a time of very significant change for the skin. Being proactive and making the right skincare and lifestyle choices are key to optimising the skin during this period.

About Emma

Dr Emma Wedgeworth is a Consultant Dermatologist, passionate about healthy skin. Dr Emma has realised that gorgeous skin can be achieved at any age by harnessing the benefits of medical treatments alongside holistic lifestyle choices. She has extensive experience with all skin conditions, but has a particular interest in acne, eczema, rosacea,and menopausal skin.

Dr Shahzadi Harper

Dr Shahzadi Harper

Menopause, Sex And Feeling Sexy

Tuesday 9th March - 6PM

Shahzadi Says

Looking good and feeling sexy is all within reach in the modern menopause.

About Shahzadi

Dr Shahzadi Harper is an innovative Menopause and wellbeing Doctor with a 360 degree approach to optimising women’s wellbeing by addressing diet, weight, lifestyle and stress. She understands how our hormones affect not only our physical health but also our mental wellbeing. She combines her skills and experience as a GP to provide holistic and medical care helping women regain their equilibrium and joy.

Dr Harper is not afraid to discuss issues which other doctors may shy away from. These include libido, vaginal dryness, ageing and sex. She’s on a mission to empower women of all backgrounds and ethnicities to look and feel their best.

Jackie Lynch

Jackie Lynch

Smart Nutrition To Help You Flourish Throughout Menopause

Wednesday 10th March - 6PM

Jackie Says

Join us for some practical diet and lifestyle tips to help you balance your hormones, get on top of your menopause symptoms, and support your health and wellbeing through midlife and beyond.

About Jackie

Jackie Lynch is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and founder of the WellWellWell nutrition clinic where she specialises in women’s health and the menopause. She’s the host of the popular diet & lifestyle podcast The Happy Menopause and her new book The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish is out now.

Dr Dawn Harper

Dr Dawn Harper

Getting The Most Out Of Your GP Appointment

Thursday 11th March - 6PM

Dawn Says

Most GP appointments are just 10 or 12 minutes long. That is often frustratingly brief for both doctor and patient. I have been an NHS GP for over 25 years. During that time I have formulated some top tips on making the very most out of those minutes and I am looking forward to sharing them with you on March 11th.

About Dawn

Dr Dawn Harper is a practicing NHS GP and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years. A member of the Royal College of Physicians, she is a popular speaker at events including corporate health and well-being days, Royal Television Society debates and live events such as Countryfile Live, This Morning Live and the Women’s Institute AGM. In the last year, she has travelled to Prague, Munich and Seattle to chair international conferences on chronic migraine, epilepsy and psoriatic arthropathy, and has more to follow this year and next year in the US and Europe.

For the last 12 years Dawn has worked extensively in the media. Probably best known as one of the presenters of Channel 4’s BAFTA award winning Embarrassing Bodies, which has now been shown in 120 countries across the world, she has presented several other shows such as the Channel 4 series ‘Born Naughty’. She has authored 12 books, is a keen supporter of children’s and health charities and is regularly asked to comment on medical headlines on live television and radio. She is also interested in the world of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals and has played a key role in championing the cause for industry regulation.

Jacynth Bassett

Jacynth Bassett

Style At Any And Every Age: Developing And Evolving Your Confidence In Style

Friday 12th March - 6PM

Jacynth Says

A love for style doesn't fade, and yet so many of us gradually lose our confidence with age. I'll be exploring how to rediscover and develop your style mojo; the power of wearing clothes that make you feel good; and answering any of your burning questions. Plus I'll be discussing our new empowering 'Strike Out Ageism' campaign in partnership with charity Wellbeing Of Women - and how you can get involved. #AgeismIsNeverInStyle

About Jacynth

“Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer” Jacynth Bassett is the award-winning Founder and CEO of The Bias Cut – the first age-inclusive independent fashion online boutique, and global movement / community Ageism Is Never In Style®. As well as The Bias Cut counting Prue Leith, Lorraine Kelly, Lisa Snowdon and Susanna Reid as fans, Jacynth herself is a leading pioneer of style at every age, regularly writing, speaking and commentating on the topic. She also aids and consults charities, organisations and entrepreneurs tackling ageism.

Deborah Forsythe

Deborah Forsythe

Thrive Through Menopause – Sleep, Feel And Look Your Best

Saturday 13th March - 2PM

Deborah Says

We’ll cover top tips on how to beat menopause insomnia, balance your hormones, lose weight and have glowing skin.

About Deborah

Deborah has spent the last 20 years specialising in medical aesthetics, in 2015, she shifted my practice from purely medical aesthetics to menopause, hormonal balance and women's midlife care. Deborah realised that the patients she was treating for age management and aesthetics were also talking to her about their hormonal imbalance, their menopausal symptoms and how it was affecting them physically and mentally.

Understanding the emergence of a growing population in need of this, Deborah added the extended practice of menopause and normal function to my clinics.

Rebecca Walton and Rebecca O'Brien

Rebecca and Rebecca

Menopause Wellness Week Highlights

Sunday 14th March - 11AM

What To Expect

Wrapping up with the highlights of the week on a Mothers Day special will be our fantastic co-hosts Rebecca and Rebecca. Join them for a coffee to find out their 'best bits' from the weeks' activities and share your favourite tips and topics too!