How to Regain Your Confidence During Menopause

Confidence. When we’ve got it, we believe we can take on the world. When it disappears, we just feel like hiding under the duvet.

If you’ve found your confidence has deserted you during menopause, you’re not alone.

We asked women who are either menopausal or post-menopausal about their experiences and 81% reported feeling less confident at this stage of life*.

It’s not surprising. With so many changes happening to your body, emotions and energy levels, it’s common for confidence to take a dip.

The good news is there are lots of simple ways to regain your confidence and get your amazing self back. Here are four things to try:

Get Moving

It’s well reported that moderate exercise can boost your mood. If you’re feeling tired it can be hard to get motivated so start small and commit to just 10 minutes of exercise to begin with. Once you get started, you’ll probably find you want to keep going. Stick with it and you’ll soon see improvements to your fitness levels, helping to boost your confidence.

Try Something New

Rather than reflecting on the past, focus on new beginnings and new opportunities. Whether it’s developing a new skill or trying a hobby for the first time, starting a new project is a great way to feel confident and positive about the future.

Keep Talking

When you’re facing physical and emotional changes, it’s important to keep talking to people around you. Chat with your friends, your partner, and of course your GP to get the support you need.

Spending time with friends can be a great boost to your confidence, especially when sharing advice with friends who might be going through a similar experience.

Assess Your Skincare Routine

When we asked women about their menopause experiences, 58% said changes to their appearance had affected their confidence. They reported changes to their skin, including increased dryness, more wrinkles, duller looking skin, uneven texture and increased sagging.

Sounds familiar? Well, it’s all down to our oestrogen levels. During menopause, our oestrogen levels drop, causing skin to age more quickly than at any other time in a woman’s life. So, rather than sticking with the same old creams and lotions, it’s important to use a product designed especially for your changing skin.  

Talk to your local skincare practitioner to find out more about Emepelle® - the revolutionary line of skincare products, developed for skin affected by menopause.

Featuring, revolutionary MEP Technology®, Emepelle is clinically proven to target the root cause of ageing in skin affected by menopause and addresses many signs of ageing including dryness, wrinkling, dullness and laxity. This makes Emepelle an ideal product to introduce into your daily routine to regain confidence and continue looking and feeling your best throughout menopause and beyond.

Find out more about how Emepelle helps you maintain confidence in your appearance throughout menopause.

* Based on 26 respondents in a survey by Emepelle, 2019

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