Emepelle is a skincare innovation to help empower women coping with menopause. The Emepelle goal is to make menopause and the years beyond less of a struggle. As difficult as it may sometimes seem menopause can be a time of your life that you can embrace. Emepelle is here to help.

Menopause brings many changes to how you feel and how your body behaves. The decline and loss of oestrogen during menopause and in the years beyond are the root cause of this. Understanding how your body works and how that makes you feel and look is key.

Menopause and the loss of oestrogen causes significant changes in your skin. It affects your skin like no other time in your life. It causes a rapid and ongoing loss of collagen, a lack of moisture, sagging and a loss of vitality. You may have noticed how your skin has changed but not associated it with menopause. Emepelle has been created especially for you.

Emepelle is the only skincare to contain MEP Technology; a technology researched and developed specifically for women affected by menopause.

The Emepelle community is here to help you look and feel your best. You can get help and support by:

Emepelle is brought to you by AesthetiCare; a division of Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd, UK. Members of the Ferndale Pharma Group Inc, USA. Our mission is to provide leading skin technologies, plus all the help and support  you need to  look and feel great.