The Telegraph: Hormones and Skin Ageing

Emepelle is recommended in The Telegraphs feature ‘Why your hormones could be ageing your skin - and how to spot the signs.’

The recent article in The Telegraphs Stella Magazine discusses the part our hormones and consequently menopause plays in skin’s appearance.

"Once women reach their 50s and 60s, oestrogen levels are extremely low, so their skin can get very dry, and look this", says cosmetic physician Dr Martin Kinsella of Dr Rita Rakus Clinic.

Holly Cole-Hawkins, of Waterhouse Young Clinic, recommends using the Emepelle range, which can reinvigorate the skin’s natural functions by increasing its elasticity, hydration and luminosity.

"These products were specifically created for women aged 40-plus and address the changes happening in the skin before, during and after menopause," she explains.

Read the full article on the Telegraph website.

Lean more about the revolutionary Emepelle range here.

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