It’s Time To Broaden Understanding Of The Wider Impact Of Menopause

Over the last year, we’ve seen increased coverage of menopause-related issues in the media as experts, celebrities and real women share their stories and advice. This is great news as it raises awareness of the many different symptoms women can experience during menopause – aside from the well-reported hot flushes.  

But we believe there is still some way to go to ensure that the full impact of menopause is understood. This will enable women to navigate through menopause as confidently as possible, with all the information they need about the different symptoms they may encounter along the way.   

At Emepelle, we want to raise awareness of the wider impact that menopause can have and naturally, a key area for us is how menopause effects skin health. We commissioned a poll of 1,000 women to ask them about their understanding of how menopause impacts skin health.  

We surveyed a wide range of women, including those with some symptomsthose currently going through and those who have finished the menopause. 

The results showed us that: 

  • Almost half (49%) of women were unaware that the menopause could have a considerable impact on the condition of their skin 
  • Since experiencing symptoms of the menopause, 47% had suffered from an increase in dry skin, 45% noticed an increase in lines and wrinkles and 27% felt their complexion had become duller 
  • 46% felt the change to their skin was impacting on their confidence 
  • While 51% rated the condition of their skin before menopause as excellent, only 16% of women during, or post menopause felt their skin was still at the same level 
  • In response to the changes in their skin condition, 48% had increased the attention and/or budget they allocate to their skincare regime 

These results highlight the impact skin health has for a woman’s confidence. And with greater understanding of the changes menopause causes to the skin, women will be able to take positive steps to address any unwanted skin changes they may be experiencing. That’s why initiatives such as Menopause Awareness Month are so important to raise awareness around menopause and provide information and advice for women, throughout all stages of their menopause.  

Commenting on the findings of the Emepelle study, consultant dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth says: “As a dermatologist, I see women experiencing profound changes to the skin, which can be debilitating and distressing – especially if this has never been an issue in the past, as proven in these findings.” 

How Emepelle helps tackle changes to the skin caused by menopause 

Emepelle is the first and only skincare range to feature MEP Technology®, a new class of cosmeceutical ingredient, designed specifically to reinvigorate the natural functions of skin affected by the declining oestrogen levels during menopause.  

Emepelle rejuvenates menopausal skin by encouraging the skin to behave as if the oestrogen were still there. MEP is non-hormonal which means it doesn’t add oestrogen to the body. Instead, it encourages key skin cells to activate new oestrogen receptors. This process helps restore lost collagen for younger-looking skin that’s hydrated, brighter and firmer.

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