Beauty and Skincare Guru Nadine Baggot Recommends Emepelle

After thirty years in the industry, there isn’t much Nadine Baggott doesn’t know about the latest skincare technologies, ingredients and what products actually work. The authority on all things beauty, keeps everything real, honest follows the motto - age is no barrier to looking and feeling great. Here’s what she’s had to say about Emepelle….

Shining the spotlight on her YouTube channel’s ‘Top beauty buys of 2019’, Nadine introduces Emepelle:

“There’s two products which combine MEP with the who’s who of active ingredients; retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant, niacinamide and peptides - hallelujah… its basically two really great formulated products.”

You can watch the video below; Nadine starts to talk about Emepelle's ground breaking MEP Technology at around 14.19.

Emepelle featured in the Times, recommended in Nadine’s 25 Best New Beauty Buys.

Recommending Emepelle, Nadine shares:

"Beauty brands are trying to address the loss of oestrogen and how it affects the skin, but this is the first product I've taken seriously."

Nadine discussed all things skin on BBC Radio with Jo Good, sharing with listeners that Emepelle is...

"utterly unique and the clinicals are impressive… It makes your skin actively behave as if it has high levels of oestrogen”.

Click here to listen to and skip to 1 hour 19 to learn more about Emepelle.

Lean more about the revolutionary Emepelle range here.

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