Honest advice for women over 50 from two of the UK’s top skincare experts

There’s no shortage of information available about skin ageing. But with so many different sources to turn to, how do you know which advice to trust?

Well, if you’re looking for straight-talking, reliable skincare advice for women over 50, look no further. We’ve brought together two of the UK’s most influential specialists in the field of skincare and asked them to share their top tips to help women aged 50 and over care for ageing skin.

Watch the video below or read on for a sneak peek of the topics covered:

Discover insights from Teresa Tarmey and Dr Emma Wedgeworth

In this exclusive video conversation, influential skin expert Teresa Tarmey and Harley Street Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth share their professional insights. The result is a discussion packed with actionable tips to help women over 50 look and feel their best throughout menopause and beyond.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Why you should regularly re-evaluate your skincare regime as you age
  • Why reaching the age of 50 often triggers big hormonal changes that affect skin health
  • How decreasing oestrogen levels impact the skin’s collagen levels, hydration and barrier function
  • Why it’s never too early to think about an anti-ageing skincare regime
  • What the most significant factor is in skin ageing
  • The role of antioxidants, retinoids and niacinamides in skincare
  • Why there’s no need to load the skin with lots of different products – but instead make key ingredients count
  • How oestrogen deficiency leads to skin that appears thinner and dryer with more wrinkles (and what you can do about it)

Dr Emma and Teresa also chat about revolutionary MEP technology, explaining why this breakthrough ingredient is a real game-changer for women aged 50 and over.

They then tell us about their experiences of using Emepelle, the only skincare range with MEP technology, formulated especially for menopausal skin.

They describe the results their own clients have seen since using Emepelle and explain why it’s an ideal product for introducing retinol to your skincare regime for the first time.

For more information about the revolutionary Emepelle, visit the website.

Finally, Teresa and Dr Emma explain how lifestyle choices affect the skin with easy-to-implement tips to help women in their 50s look and feel their very best.

About Teresa Tarmey

Teresa Tarmey is one of the UK’s most influential experts in skincare. With her holistic approach and over 23 years working at the forefront of skin innovation, Teresa is known as a ‘super-facialist’, attracting many A-list celebrity clients.

Combining cutting-edge technology with revolutionary skincare products, Teresa is renowned for the amazing results she delivers to her clients.

About Dr Emma Wedgeworth

Cambridge University graduate, Dr Emma Wedgeworth specialised in clinical dermatology at the world-renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology in London.

With extensive experience treating all skin conditions, Dr Emma takes a holistic approach, combining medical treatments alongside lifestyle advice to help her patients enjoy the healthiest skin possible.

Click here to watch the full conversation with Teresa Tarmey and Dr Emma Wedgeworth

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